hoodie22: Yo jackass there are lesbians in this world stop calling women who are girlfriends BFF's cut that homophobic shit

Sweetheart, you’re late to the party. That post was made weeks ago and an apology was made. Calm the fuck down.

Naya Rivera Reportedly Recycled Her Wedding Ideas For Her New Wedding

Oohh.. awkward.

TMZ is reporting that sources have told them  Glee star Naya Rivera used a number of her wedding details from her cancelled nuptials to rapper Big Sean for her wedding Ryan Dorsey.

Sources tell TMZ that Naya used the same date, July 19 as well as used to same designer Monique Lhuillier- which she was also going to use for her wedding to Big Sean. 

No word if it’s the same dress as the one as she was gonna wear with Big Sean.

However, Ryan’s dad  denies the reports and says that the wedding date consists with Ryan’s birthday.

(Source: celebritygossipbyrangi)

Insiders Confirm Zoe Saldana Is Pregnant

There you have it.

Us Weekly is reporting that actress Zoe Saldana is indeed preggers.

After weeks of speculation, insider confirmed to the gossip mag that Saldana and her hubby Marco will be welcoming their first child together.

"Zoe is about three months pregnant. But she will only announce the news when she’s ready.

"Zoe has always wanted a big family and Marco’s on board, too!"

Congrats! The are gonna have a beautiful baby! 

(Source: celebritygossipbyrangi)

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